Sunday, July 29, 2012


Fruity Go is naturally flavored applesauce in a squeezable pouch. Kids like it because they can slam down a tasty snack via the squeezable pouch. Parents love it because it's a full serving of fruit per pouch in a variety of flavors - great for lunches or on the go snacks. These flavors shown here was published in the 2012 GDUSA American Package Design Awards under the private label category.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Concept art for an interactive food fight game. First person game play, racing against clock to see how many kids can be hit. The educational element is that all foods are healthier foods. Keeping fingers and toes crossed this gets approved so I can start developing addition elements.


Recently had the opportunity to help a friend with a corporate identity. This company sells office supplies through independent office suppliers - hence the name Indoff. Since these suppliers make the company unique, the logo needed a human quality. By combining an eye with an iconic paper clip, the logo is the "new face" of the brand. I extended this brand identity to other supporting elements.